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22X30" cnc mill router engraving complete system

Cutting area of 18.7" x 25" x 3.75"
Large size industrial grade CNC router system.
This is a complete system with spindle. speed control and all motor driver, it's ready to run and cut system that as soon as you connect it to the computer.
This unique CNC router System design with latest industrial parts that has efficient, robust and reliable performance.
Machine is a complete system that you will only required a computer with Mach3 or simular type of CNC software to control the included electronics controller unit.
This is not a toy kit that you may be see around the market, All parts are industeral grade that use in production class machine. The large cutting are ( measure spindle center to center) 18.7 x 25 combine with slot-table, ball bearing preload nut, offer a real production ready set up for your need.
Don't be confuse of the low price of this kit compare with other entry level CNC router, We package this excellent router system with best in class component that you only can find in the commercial high grade machine. Often machine cost 20x more.
Machine can work with various material, hard wood, plastic, aluminum ( with coolet), depend on your spindle motor and coolant to cut.
2. 13 pc x 60mm sloted clamping table top.
3. limited switch and spindle speed controller
Mounting hole for another end limited switch on x,y both end
DRO mounting provision for all 3 axis. Optional DRO kits are available with mounting kits.
X and Y lead screw has 8mm end for easy encoder installation ( optional mounting plate required). Optional machine stand also avialiable.
1.. the Z motor use NEMA34 now.
Cutting size (spindle center to center): 18.7 x 25.5 x 3.7 ( 476mm x 652mm x 96mm)
X axis motor: NEMA34 x 118, Y axis motor NEMA43 x 80, Z axis motor NEMA34 x 65
1. a PC with 1 parallel port to connect the controller unit
2. software such as Mach 3 or simular CNC software insteadd on your PC.

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