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New 7" character height 7-segment led information board

7" Character Height 7-Segment LED Information Board
7"Character Height 7-segment LED Information Board
215.90(mm) X152.40(mm) X26.60(mm)
This item is the largest of 7-segment LED information board series by Sure Electronics since it integrates a 7 inches common anode 7-segment LED as its display. It can be driven by SPI-like interface and can work in full static mode. It also can be easily interfaced with microcontrollers so that it can be widely used in many applications like panel meters, big clocks and other information display usage.
* Size: 215.90(L) X 152.40(W) X 26.60(H) 0.2mm
* Common anode 7-segment LED display
* High brightness & high contrast red LEDs
* Excellent displaying effects
* Up to 20 boards of the same kind are allowed to be connected in series
1MHz ( 4 boards connected in series)
100KHz (20 boards connected in series)
Less than 10Hz (DIMM not used)
74HC164 in series, SPI like interface
* Scoreboard, time counter, speed-displaying applications
* Any other information display
* 7-Segment LED Info Board 1
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